Shy Witchballs

The Shy Witchballs

Three and Six and Eight inch witchballs deserve their own page.
Along with these are their first cousins the gazing balls.
They have their own page because they don't get as much attention,
they are the shy nonconformists in the group and they need to be pushed out of their shy corner into the limelight.

Limelight: a stage lighting instrument producing illumination by means of an oxyhydrogen flame directed on a cylinder of lime and usually equipped with a lens to concentrate the light in a beam b : the white light produced by such an instrument

wb8blue_small Gazing Ball: 8 Inches Big and Blue #36
Quantity   1+  
Price $16.00
wb8yellow_small Gazing Ball: 8 Inches Yellow Heading Toward Caramel Yellow #31
Quantity   1+  
Price $12.00