Basics of Beadstringing


Basics of Beadstringing

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Chapters don't include:
•A Man and His Beads
•Why Jimmy Would Rather Knot
•My Dog Could Make That
•Maybe You Need New Glasses
•You Don't Think Someone's Really
Going to Buy That?

and my favorite:
•Dolores, Three Strands, Six Thumbs

This is, again, the new and improved edition. Pretty pink cover and no glaring pricetag on that cover so you can sell it for whatever Profiticus, the Roman God of Retailing, calls upon you to sell it for.
Poor Profiticus, A God with great potential, a moving-up-in-the-world God,
he got involved with and later married Shopina,
the Goddess of you-guessed-it,
and he/they never really got anywhere after that.
It semed like a good match.