A Message from Your Beadmeister:

All the beads are my children. Please treat them well.

If you have questions for us, call 1 800 338 2162.

Footnote-ishly, let me assure you that I do not take all this Beadmeister stuff seriously.
It's a bit of a joke. True, I am The Beadmeister, but only for Planet Earth.
Off-planet, I am just like you, a plain civilian. Except that I don't own a dog or a cat or more to the point I am not owned by a dog or a cat.
I have two loaners.

Customer Service Pledge

I will do my best to make you happy. But, as you know, that's easier some days than others.
I have one overriding customer service guideline. That is:
Your happiness is all that matters to me unless it strongly conflicts with my happiness.

Ordering Guidelines

1. We take MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal, prepaid orders and cash.

2. We only do COD orders with Steve... Next time you are in Vermont visit our Museum of Bad Checks.
Stay for story hour and hear The Dummy tell his sad stories:

"I Thought We Were Friends," "But She Sounded So Nice Over the Phone,"
and his favorite, "I'm That Stupid?" Then of course: "Your name is Montana? Like the state? That's so cool. Of course I'll take your check."
Avert your eyes as you pass silently down the Hall of Temporary Checks.

3. Shipping: Please see our Shipping Information page for what you need to know about shipping and why we can't tell you how much shipping costs will be when you place your order. (It's because we don't know!) The "same" item may weigh differently one piece to the next. They are rocks, not precise ball bearings.
We insure all packages. It's for you and for us.

4. We reserve the right to request that you pay through Paypal rather than paying by credit card.  "Which town in Kenya? I don't know how to spell that.  Can you spell that please?"

5. We try to ship immediately but our promise is we try to ship your order within 2 - 3 working days. It is in our best interest to get your payment as soon as possible. Plan ahead. Show weeks, sales and holidays will hold things up. Second Day Air means you should get it two working days after it leaves us, not two days after you placed your order.

6. As with your mutual funds and boyfriends, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

7. We ask for a signature on Overnight shipments. Paypal only to overnight shipments to new customers.

Our Return Policy

Send back what you don't want or don't like within 28 days of its shipment to you. We'll reimburse you $5 for shipping if you remind us in your note or on an enclosed copy of your invoice.  If it is just a few bucks worth of stuff, call us and we'll try to adjust you over the phone. Just like talk radio. You'll feel so much better. When boxing up your return, please include a copy of the invoice or a list of what it is and what you paid for it and what you expect from us and what the invoice number is.
I am a Mentalist but I'm not THAT good.


Send it back even if you just don't like it. I have.
Don't feel like you have to keep it or are stuck with it.


Send your returns to:
South Pacific Wholesale Company
195 US Route 302
Barre, VT  05641