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South Pacific Wholesale

Home of the Beadmeister
(Berlin, Vermont, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy - Irony Sector)

Since 1977
Beads, rocks, jewelry, findings, trinkets

Trying to locate us?  Your GPS is not your friend.
More than likely it will send you to Appalachia (Orange, Vermont)
Our zipcode is Barre but we are in Berlin.

We're here 10 - 4 Monday - Friday  Come on by!

1 800 338 2162

I am The Selenite King of Central Vermont

Approximately 3 inch spheres for $6

Celestite Specimens - 1 1/2 to 2 inches

Small Chalcopyrite Specimens $1

Star of David Earrings $1.25

Hamsa Earrings $1.25

Amethyst Cylinders $2.50

Onyx Spheres 3 Inches $6

Afghan Pendants  $2 Each

I get them from my friend Islam.  I asked him once if he fished as a kid like I did.
He lit up. "Oh, yes, love to fish, get bomb, throw in water, booooom! Get fish."  "Excuse me?"
We'll never win over there. But they make beautiful jewelry.

Skulls, bats, witchballs, ghouls

Make a casual Roderick Usher reference in context in October and
become a Best Friend of South Pacific

Witch Balls!  4 Inch Gazing Balls Which Can Be Hung!
(who has time to gaze any more?)
Hearts, Spindles, Shapes





The Rochester Gem & Mineral Show
October  24 & 25  2015
Saturday (10 - 6) and Sunday (10 - 5)
Main Street Armory
900 E Main St
Rochester, NY  14605
A retail show, our wires, goldfilled, sterling and copper will be priced as-is
but on other items you will get a discount for having a resale number.

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Our new building (seems new to us)!
3/4 acre, 40 parking spaces and 10,000 square feet of
38 years of beads, rocks, findings, trinckets, gifts, mystery boxes.

Imagine it a newly painted cranberry color.  It is!
The physical address of our new building is  195 U.S. Route 302, Berlin, Vermont though everyone knows it as
The Montpelier-Barre Road.
We're about 1 mile west of Barre on the way to Montpelier, not in East Barre as your GPS may tell you.
If you put Barre into your GPS (our mailing address) you will be sent on a snipe hunt.   In the boonies.
Far, far away.
Probably at the East Barre Mall.

We're between "Everything Under the Sun" and "All Smiles" and right across the street from the Mr. Conti's,
the guy who almost always has some golf clubs out for sale by the road.
That's Vermont, "Can't Get Here from There. Well, yuh, when it ain't snowin' he has them clubs out."
About 250 yards west of Mattress Land.
About 6 miles east of Montpelier.

Our mailing address is:
South Pacific Wholesale
195 US Route 302
Barre, Vermont 05641

The Seal of Poor Quality
The Industry Substandard

If an item on our website has the Seal of Poor Quality it may be poorly dyed, poorly cut, poorly drilled or may even be aromatically unappealing.
But not worse than a similar strand from another dealer, I don't seek out the unspeakable. However, the absence of the Seal of Poor Quality (it's not a rat) doesn't guarantee superior quality.
Then again, you might like that funky hut-made look.

“The cat joined the Re-education Committee and was very active in it for some days. She was seen one day sitting on a roof and talking to some sparrows who were just out of her reach.
She was telling them that all animals were now comrades and that any sparrow who chose could come and perch on her paw; but the sparrows kept their distance.”
George Orwell, Animal Farm

Monday  -  Friday   10:00 - 4
Earlier or later by appointment
With most of our business over the internet
we'll only be officially open these hours though we'll be here 9.5/7/30-31/12.

We have a $25 minimum

It is our hope that you like what you get and return what you don't or call us and we'll adjust you over the phone.  Like a bead chiropractor.  Don't spend $8 returning something that costs $3.

1 800 338 2162

Do not fester. To fester is bad.