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We're making beading great again!

We are the:

Home of the Beadmeister
(Berlin, Vermont, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy - Irony Sector)

Since 1977

Beads, rocks, jewelry, findings, trinkets

The Rhinocorn is a mythical African beastie not unlike the unicorn
which is apparently of Asian origin.
I'd like to think that I am the only one in America offering carvings of this rare animal.
Inspired by Rod McKuen's "Grand Opening Going Out of Business Sale" poem,
these are already on sale (for $3).




Small (almost tiny - 6mm ish)
Fluorite Octohedrons
$2 each


6 inch Deep Blue Gazing Ball

Falsa Blankets  4 x 6 Feet Acrylic
On Sale for $8 Each, Potluck on the Color (Internet Sale Only)
As always with anything I model,
you must always keep in mind that it will never look as good on you
as it does on me.

Our new 8 inch gazing ball, The Yellow Heading Toward Caramel,
It's the look of the sun when you've looked too long and your retinas are about fried
(been there done that).
These are $15

This is about what a case of miscellaneous witch balls, gazing balls, spindles, hearts, globules looks like.
A case is 48.
A case is on sale right now for $135.
Shipping is extra, sometimes very extra.
I am the Witch Ball King of North America.
I can't turn back the clock and retire at the planned age of 30
but if I'd had these in 1983 maybe I could have.

These are our foray into 3 inch witch balls.
They are adorable.
Click here to go to the witch ball page, home for them.

Witch Balls
are used to prevent witches from entering your house and casting their evil spells.
They are mesmerized and captured by them.

For me, the evilest of spells have always been familiar, tomorrow and Wednesday.
Maybe if I'd gone to Catholic School........

To see some of our new 4 inch gazing balls and witch balls and to see them as they go up on the site visit:

To see them all, visit:

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Our retail store is at 2 State Street, Montpelier
the proverbial and actual corner of State and Main.
Online or over the phone we have a $50 minimum
but to buy in person at our warehouse you need an appointment, a resale tax certificate
and you need to make our $100 warehouse minimum.


The physical address of our building is
195 U.S. Route 302, Berlin, Vermont  though everyone knows it as
The Barre-Montpelier Road.
We're about 1 mile west of Barre on the way to Montpelier, not in East Barre as your GPS may tell you.
If you put Barre into your GPS (our mailing address) you may be sent on a snipe hunt.   To the boonies.
It may not go well for you. Call desperately and we will walk you through your escape.

We're between "Everything Under the Sun" and "All Smiles" and right across the street from Mr. Conti,
the guy who almost always has some golf clubs out for sale by the road. When spring comes.
That's Vermont!
About 250 yards west of Mattress Land.
About 6 miles east of Montpelier.

Our mailing address is:
South Pacific Wholesale
195 US Route 302
Barre, Vermont 05641

The Seal of Poor Quality
The Industry Substandard

If an item on our website has the Seal of Poor Quality it may be poorly dyed, poorly cut,
poorly drilled or may even be aromatically unappealing.

But not worse than a similar item from another dealer..
However, the absence of the Seal of Poor Quality (it's not a rat) doesn't guarantee superior quality.

Then again, you might like that funky hut-made look.

You can't wake a person who's pretending to be asleep.

Monday  -  Friday   10:00 - 4
By appointment only
With most of our business over the internet
we'll only be officially open these hours though we'll be here 9.5/7/30-31/12.

We have a $50 minimum order online or over the phone
But a $100 minimum for walkins at the warehouse

It is our hope that you like what you get and return what you don't or call us and we'll adjust you over the phone.
Bead chiropractic.  Don't spend $8 returning something that costs $3.

1 800 338 2162

Do not fester. To fester is bad.