Shipping Information


Shipping Information

Though our dream is for your order to go out today, it may not ship for several days.

Alas, your cart will not show your shipping and insurance charges. Shipping and insurance charges are based on the weight of the package, the value of its contents and its destination. We add shipping charges after we've filled, priced and weighed your order. YOU WILL SEE THE SHIPPING AND INSURANCE CHARGES ON YOUR PAID INVOICE AS ONE LINE ITEM. If you are uncomfortable with that, let us know and we can e-mail you a final total before charging you and shipping your order or you can call like a lot of people do and find from the sound of our voices (thrilled that we are still getting orders) that you are probably safe with us.

We DO insure the packages we send.

Choose "Cheapest" for your shipping and we will send it via UPS Ground, Fedex or USPS Priority or USPS First Class.  First Class cuts you off at 15.9 ounces.  UPS and Fedex won't deliver to a P. O. Box.

About 70% of our orders go out Postal. We can pack a lot of beads into a Postal Flat Rate Box. It's a great deal to the West Coast and Hawaii. The West Coast starts on the other side of Iowa.

Since the Bering Straits Bridge was closed due to Global Warming at the end of the last ice age, we won't be able to ship your package to Europe via UPS Ground. We use only the Postal Service to ship packages outside the United States except UPS also to Canada.

Choosing UPS Ground to Hawaii? Why?

If you live in Booniville like we do, shipping is probably going to cost more than it does for city folk.
It costs more to send a UPS package from here to the Beadmeister's house hardly 7 miles down the road than to Miami.

We generally try to alert you and suggest an alternate method if shipping costs for the method you choose seem like more than you would want to spend.
We read your mind; you are interested in saving money. You don't want to pay $56 for Two Day UPS to a spot that a one day voyage via UPS Ground.

If you have special shipping instructions, please let us know in the Comments/Special Instructions on the Shipping & Payment Information page of the checkout.

We don't ship to deepest, darkest Kerblankistan unless we are paid well upfront. Nor to that little town in Cameroon you've chosen to retire to 'cause the beachfront property is so cheap.

If we can't insure it and it's expensive, we won't ship it.

We may not send an overnight order to you if you are new. Most overnight orders to "new customers" are placed with stolen credit cards or the buyer is in the middle of a crisis and gets the address wrong. True.

If you are Nigerian, stop by and pick your order up personally. You've emailed me so many times that I feel I know you.

If you are desperately desperate or want to sell me gold dust cheap we offer same-decade shipping to most parts of Africa.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-338-2162 or e-mail us at