Base Metal Findings & Wire


Base Metal!

What does basemetal really mean?
For us, if it isn't goldfilled or sterling or copper or pewter it's base metal.

We're asked regularly if things are hypoallergenic. Who knows?
The Chinese and Indians don't care.
Hypoallergenic generally is without nickel and we hardly trust "them" to tell us the truth.
I have friends in the business who routinely test their foreign competitors "sterling silver" and it usually tests out at less than 10% silver with a lot of cadmium and lead.  Several businesses at shows in the last few years have had their booths seized for false marking.

I was once arrested for it but of course that was during my days of poverty and the cops also arrested me for selling jewelry on the street.  The false marking charge was dropped and I was found not guilty of selling on the street. I hadn't enough money back then (1980) to even sniff sterling silver.  When silver was $3 an ounce.

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