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Home of the Beadmeister
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Beads, rocks, jewelry, findings, trinkets, witch balls

Our minimum order is  $100

Mix of 100 assorted 32 inch chip strands.
Some combo of possibly fluorite, unakite, olive jade, red jasper,
yellow jade, lapis B, goldstone, carnelian, aragonite,
aventurine, picture jasper, red aventurine, tigereye,
leopardskin, maybe others

$74 for 100,  300 for $180


Meet the Witchball King of North America
through a tour of his witchballs, gazing balls
and assorted glass balls.
New shipment came a few months ago.
A whole magnificent container of them.
17,000 pounds of beauties
Still sorting through them.
Almost every case is cleverly mislabeled.
The Apocalypse Sunset, myfavorite.

    semiprec2.jpg    Witch Ball

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Our retail store, C Jewels,  is at 2 State Street, Montpelier
the proverbial and actual corner of State and Main
802 223 1718.
Monday - Friday   and also Saturday
and the occasional Sunday
Most days during the Christmas season.


The physical address of our cranberry colored building is
195 U.S. Route 302, Berlin, Vermont  though those in the know know it as
The Barre-Montpelier Road.
We're about 1 mile west of Barre on the way to Montpelier, not in East Barre as your GPS may tell you.
If you put Barre into your GPS (our mailing address) you may be sent on a snipe hunt.   To the boonies.
It may not go well for you. Call desperately and we will walk you through your escape.

About 6 miles east of Montpelier. About a mile west of Barre.

Our mailing address is:
South Pacific Wholesale
195 US Route 302
Barre, Vermont 05641

At the warehouse no set hours though I am here every day:

By appointment only.

The Seal of Poor Quality
The Industry Substandard

If an item on our website has the Seal of Poor Quality it may be poorly dyed, poorly cut,
poorly drilled or may even be aromatically unappealing.

But not worse than a similar item from another dealer..
However, the absence of the Seal of Poor Quality (it's not a rat) doesn't guarantee superior quality.

Then again, you might like that funky hut-made look.

It is our hope that you like what you get and return what you don't or call us and we'll adjust you over the phone.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Bead chiropractic or is it bead osteopathy? Don't spend $8 returning something that costs $3.

Ad astra per aspera

1 800 338 2162

Do not fester. To fester is bad.